In this urgent new book, David Platt calls believers to authentic discipleship. Follow Me is a powerful call to obedience -- even obedience into death. This is a truly important book that arrives at a truly decisive moment for Christ's church.

R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Follow Me is a call to authentic Christianity. It is a call to follow a Great King who is worthy to be followed. Be ready to have some of your preconceived ideas of what it means to be a Christian challenged. Be willing to let Scripture reform your thinking on matters of eternal significance. This book will make many uncomfortable, but it a good way. Read it and be prepared to be changed for God's glory and your good.

Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Seminary

Christmas holidays were approaching and I was writing an inductive study on Luke when David’s MSS, Follow Me came.  All I could say was, “Be still, my heart”.  I felt this book was a gift from the Lord for me at this time and I was not disappointed!  It confirmed  and strengthened the burden of my heart.   What a critically needed message for those who claim to be Christians.  If we will read it thoughtfully, examine it biblically, and have ears to hear so as act, then it could become a great tool for fearless, uncompromising biblical evangelism and discipleship.

Kay Arthur, Co-founder Precept Ministries International

David Platt in his new book Follow Me offers an extremely timely word to disciples and to the 21st century Church.  Briniging people to conversion is only a frist step in leading them to a converted life.  There is no works righteousness here, however, it's just about following where Jesus daily leads.  The book is about the grace of adoption, about falling in love with Jesus, about desiring Him, about spiritual regeneration through Him, about life in the power of the Holy Spirit, and about the inescapability of being part of a church.  The six questions posed at the end of the book will bring life (and Church) change.  I commend Follow Me to all who seek  truly and joyfully to follow Jesus.

Archbishop Robert Duncan, Anglican Church in North America

In a culture that attempts to make everything grey, David Platt paints a picture that is refreshingly black and white. In Follow Me Platt offers the sobering reminder that Jesus invites us to come to him and die to ourselves. In so doing we discover the abundant life of discipleship that God intends for us. This book will challenge you in profound ways, but in reading it you will be grateful to have heard afresh the greatest invitation in all of creation, the invitation of Jesus Christ, Follow Me.

Dr. Mark Williams, General Superintendent of the Church Of God